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How long should I stay off of my sealed asphalt?

We recommend a minimum of 24-48 hours depending on weather conditions and shade on your asphalt.

Will you block off my driveway when you are finished?

Yes, of course. We will use high visibility “Caution Ribbon” at the end or entrance & exits of your driveway/parking lot.

Crack Filling?

We will know upon inspection which cracks need to be filled.

How long after I have new asphalt put down should I wait to seal it?

Asphalt manufacturers usually recommend 90 days. We recommend waiting up to a year depending on weather conditions. A general rule of thumb is to do this before the asphalt has turned “gray”.

How often should I have my asphalt resealed?

We recommend every 2-3 years. Depending on traffic and weather. In general when the portions of the asphalt surface start to reappear.

What is the difference between your material and buckets from the hardware stores?

Our material is concentrated commercial-grade material fresh from the manufacturer. We also add sand for slip resistance and “Latex” rubberized additive to prolong the life of the sealer.
The buckets from hardware stores are usually 80% water and 20% actual material and contain no sand or additives to prolong the sealers life. They must be formulated differently to have the “shelf life” required by retail stores.

Is crack filling, and oil spot priming included in the seal coating price?

Yes. Unlike many companies with hidden charges, our price is all inclusive unless you specifically ask us not to do something.

My asphalt was sealed a few years ago why are the cracks are opening up again?

That will happen. Once asphalt is cracked it is cracked. Maintaining those cracks is the best thing you can do to prolong the life of your asphalt. For minor situations not requiring the cost of a call from us, we recommend using a “do it yourself” “Cold Pour or Hot Pour Liquid Crack fill” during the off years from seal coating. It is not the best material in the world but it will keep water, ice and weeds out of the cracks which make them worse. Don’t go for the cheapest stuff on the shelf, try to find one that has some rubber in it. There’s no guarantee with crack filling, so they should be checked once or twice a year. 

Why can I see tire marks in my new sealer.

Those marks are called “power steering marks”. It happens on all good quality sealer during the curing process due to the thickness of the coating. They will fade away with in a week or so.